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The Ragdoll Breed

Ragdoll Breed Information

I will approach trying to describe this purring heart throb from the documented information as well as
my own affectionate pleasure living with these cats!

DDINFOCOOKIEThe Ragdoll cat gets its name because of their tendency to go limp in your arms, as a child’s ragdoll would. The coat is so soft to sink your hands into, and is compared to a bunnies fur. The coat does not matt and requires little grooming. Their eyes are blue, which is very lovely. They are not big on jumping, which helps with kitchen counters. Normally they are not big talkers, usually they have a sweet chirp when communicating with their loved ones…..this is a very nice sound.


Cookie ~ Seal Mitted Female

They are much like a puppy and want to be right where you are……and follow their person from room to room to make sure they can see you. The bond they have with their family is incredible, the Ragdoll is very accepting of the family dog and other cats. They also love children. My Cookie even runs to the front door when she hears footsteps on the porch, as well as rushing to the home phone or cell phone when they ring!


Because of their gentle nature, the Ragdoll can only be an indoor cat, because they may not even defend themselves. Even with their interaction with the family they normally will not extend their claws. They are slow to mature to their adult size. It can take up to 4 years for them to reach full size. They are a very large cat, neutered males weighing 15 to 20 pounds and females 5 or more pounds less.

JD~ Blue Bicolor Male.

Colors are; Seal point, Blue point, Chocolate point, Red point, Lilac point and Cream point
Patterns are; Color point, Mitted, Bicolor Lynx point and Tortie point.


As I’ve already said…..The characteristics of the breed are pretty much the same whatever you read.
However, their personalities can vary just like they do with us! Some Ragdolls are lap cats, some sit very
close but do not want to be in your lap. Most are not verbal, but there are others that do talk as with our male…. especially if he wants to know where we are!

Dora ~ Seal Mitted Female

One thing that they all seem to do is that famous ” Ragdoll Flop ” where they roll over or just plain
flop on their backs, legs sprawled…..looking up at you as if saying ” please stroke my soft belly! “

DDINFOMONA Mona ~ Seal Bicolor Female